Focus and grow

In September, try to improve yourself


Lora Dew, Staff Writer

You know the dreams we all have for the future — to become a professional football or basketball player, maybe a lawyer or even building and owning your own business. Or being stable in finances, family and state of mind.

But what steps are you taking to reach your goal?

How focused are you ? How bad do you really want this, the first step to start is you have to want it enough to chase it until it’s yours

Wendy Galyen, a credentialed counselor has shared her story on how she achieved her goals. Her first step was knowing what she loves. She knew what she wanted and she went after it. Along with that, choosing what’s best fit and comfortable for you is also a major key.

“Social work and counseling seemed like a natural fit for my personality and skill set,” Galyen  said.

And because of that, for practices and or a start she did private counseling and completed three years of supervised clinical training.  Galyen realized her goals and everything else just fell into place.

“I love to learn, so I am constantly reading journal articles to determine how best to meet the counseling needs of my clients. This ongoing research led me to discovering a growing need for distance based tele-mental health service including video, phone and email counseling,” Galyen said.

Galyen helps her client with self-improvement issues and with setting goals, which is something a lot of being do in September, which is a Self Improvement Month.

Galyen also mentions that watching her clients put in effort to become better and seeing progress motivates her to proceed daily.

To achieve anything in life all you need is effort, belief and motivation. It’s never too late to start on improvement and you’ll never stop learning. Simple everyday steps such as experiencing new things, expand your options. Remove interruptions and distractions and set short-term goals. But also don’t forget to give yourself time.

“I encourage all of my clients to start with small baby steps instead of tackling a huge challenge all at once,” Galyen said.

Push yourself don’t stress yourself . Although being dedicated is a must, you must push yourself at your own pace. Life is not a race nor competition, therefore take it day by day. If you are currently searching for help you can start here: