Noble Roman’s re-opening

Pizza fans, a 10th Street tradition is back in business

Megan Brown, Staff Writer

Noble Roman’s Pizza on west 10th Street has long been a popular Ben Davis hangout and eatery. That tradition returns today as the popular pizza place is re-opening after a tragic grease fire.

The morning of Saturday, July 1 was a shocking one for everyone who visited and loved west 10 Street Noble Roman’s. Noble Roman’s caught fire causing $50,000 worth of damage.

Later on that day the fire department ruled it as being a grease fire. Noble Roman’s was thought to be closing their doors indefinitely, but after hard work and determination they are reopening their doors.

“We had a spinning oven to cook the crust evenly and perfect and it was wonderful, but alas we had to get all new equipment in the back,” said senior Maryn Swinney, an employer of Noble Roman’s.

So many things have changed at Noble Romans and for the better. They also added a platform over the dining room and a new salad bar, long a favorite of their customers..

All the managers and owners were hard at work for the reopening, cleaning the whole restaurant from top to bottom. So when that urge for pizza hits, remember that Noble Roman’s is back in business.