New goals for the new year

Butts thinks students first as school year kicks off


Evelyn Sanchez, Online Editor

As the school year begins, Wayne Township will be seeing new students, staff and even new classrooms. But with these changes also comes new goals. Superintendent Dr. Jeff Butts has students first in mind when planning for the upcoming school year.

“Getting students back to school and having them ready for the school year is our main focus so far,” Butts said.

He is working with teachers and other staff members to make sure students have everything ready for their diplomas including keeping them on track, being prepared for standardized tests and preparing them to pursue their careers after high school. By doing this, students will be more likely to graduate on time, which is another task Butts wants to achieve.

“We want to lead students towards courses that would benefit them in future academically and career wise. Having students use Naviance makes it easier to apply for scholarships/colleges and updating their resumes. It is another way to stay on track,” Butts said.

Area 31 Career Center and partners including Eli Lilly and Rolls Royce are preparing students for the work force by giving students work experience, providing internships and resources. Butts is currently working with more partners including IHSSA and the Marion County STEM Coalition to add on to our partnerships.

“Our township’s partnerships will better connect students to industry leaders and the work force and hopefully into employment after a degree and even after high school,” Butts said.

Butts became President of the Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents over the summer. This position allows him to be closer with the state’s education department. He’s thankful for the position and is glad he is able to help better future students’ education from now and in the future.

He hopes by giving students a helping hand, it’ll lead them towards success after high school and in their future careers.