New fountains offer filtered water

PLC helps bring about the latest ideas

Evelyn Sanchez, News editor


Ever get thirsty at school?

Thanks to a visit to Indiana University, we have water stations that offer filtered water for all students and staff.

The three new water stations are located by the main office, at the end of upstairs A hall and in the cafeteria. More stations are planned. These stations caught Principal Sandra Squire’s attention when she went to Indiana University for her daughter’s piano camp and later saw how they were included in other colleges as well.

She brought the idea to her Leadership Council last year. They looked at different design options and researched inexpensive ways to install the fountains.

“They gave me lots of information about it; they did their research about health and recycling. PLC took off with the idea,” Squire said.

These water stations are a big benefit for our school.  They are more sanitary for students because they won’t have to make oral contact with the faucet anymore, especially during flu season. Another benefit is students no longer have to purchase a $1.25 water bottle from the vending machine; instead they only have to bring their own bottle to fill up. This provides clean, drinkable water to students who don’t have access to it. Our school will also be throwing away less plastic bottles which is a benefit for our environment.

Principal Squire and her leadership council have helped make new additions to the school in the past. They’ve helped with the making of Big Ben, the “There’s a reason why they call us Giants” mural, and the ability to carry our backpacks around the school.

PLC has future plans for the senior café and the media center at the moment. Make sure to check out the water stations.