Band competition begins this weekend

After a parade, marching group heads to Lawrence Central

Band competition is starting Saturday and the band students are very eager to start. The weekend starts at 11 a.m. Saturday with the Clermont parade before the band heads to Lawrence Central for an 8:37 p.m. performance in the band’s first competition of the season.

The students found last years season to be very enjoyable. Although they weren’t able to make it to finals last year they did grow into a very uniform band. They improved their performance and became a daring group of students.

The band’s current leadership team is highly impressive and with the addition of the new members, they will be nothing less than phenomenal.

Although the band students are younger than what they have been in the past, they are still ahead of the game. In band, and many other competitions, you have to put in the work you’re capable of in order for something to be successful.

David Cole is the band director and he believes it is sacrifice versus reward.

“What is success worth to you?” Cole asked the band. “Be willing to sacrifice and good things will happen.”

Although very competitive, the band’s leader would simply enjoy seeing his students have fun while dedicating themselves to create perfection.