Voters say yes to Wayne

Voters say yes to Wayne

A property tax referendum that will generate an additional $9.6 million per year for the next seven years was passed by 64 percent of Wayne Township voters Tuesday.

The referendum received 2,671 Yes votes and 1,511 No votes.

The monies would permit the district to close the $8 million gap in its general fund brought on by decreases in assessed valuation and property tax caps over the past decade. Money generated by the referendum would also allow the district to replace the general fund dollars currently spent on transportation and preventive maintenance.

The additional revenues will permit the district to continue to provide services that contribute to its students’ multiple successes. Examples include increased letter grades, a climbing graduation rate and a 2015 National Title 1 School of Distinction.

The referendum will increase property taxes by 35 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. For the median homeowner in MSD Wayne, this will represent an increase of $7.83 per month.