A week left until voting day

Butts urges voters to make their opinion heard

Driving through the community, you have probably seen at least a few of the “Yes 4 Wayne” yard signs. With election day coming up on Tuesday, May 5, the campaign for the Wayne Township referendum is coming to a close.

If passed, the referendum would help the township to recover from the $60 million tax revenue loss from 2008 by securing funded programs and learning institutions in the district. Regardless of your stance on this issue, the amount of awareness raised has been overwhelming.

“I could not be more proud of the over 700 volunteers who have made nearly 15,000 phone calls, visited close to 6,500 homes, and placed 1,000 signs around our community,” superintendent Jeff Butts said.  “Voters have asked great questions and I’m impressed with the number of people who want to receive more information so they can make an educated decision.”

Also on the ballot will be candidates for City Council and Mayor.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are an eligible voter, it is immensely important to make your way to the voting booth on May 5. Regardless of whom or what you vote for, your voice matters.

“It will be critical on May 5 that registered voters vote at their polling site,” Butts said.

For more information on your polling site, visit www.indy.gov. And, remember: every ballot counts.