Surprise, surprise, surprise

Three seniors find out about full ride to Butler


Senior Nicolasita Salas is surprised by Butler University officials in the Principal’s Conference Room this morning.

Irving Salinas thought he was in trouble this morning.

When he received a pass to see his counselor at 10:20, Salinas had no idea why. Then when he went to the counselor’s officer and was re-directed to the Principal’s Conference Room, Salinas started thinking about what he might have done wrong.

“But I also kept thinking ‘ I’m a good kid’ so I had no idea why we were going to the conference room,” Salinas said.

When he approached the conference room the first thing he saw was Butler’s mascot, Trip.

“I knew then something was up,” Salinas said.

Salinas was one of three seniors who were surprised with the news they were receiving full ride scholarships to attend Butler University next year. Salinas was awarded the scholarship along with classmates Azhar Dalal and Nicolasita Salas.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen,” said Salinas, who was joined in the conference room by each of the parents of the three students as well as counselors and administrators from Ben Davis and admission personnel from Butler.

“I never envisioned something like this to happen,” said Dalal, who is No. 4 academically in his class. “To say I’m surprised is an understatement.”

Dalal plans to study pharmacy at Butler. He has attended Wayne Township schools his whole life and was summoned to the conference room under the assumption he was attending a meeting for the Evening of Excellence.

Salas also plans to go into the medical field. She has attended Wayne Township schools since fifth grade.

“The teachers here have really challenged me to do my best and to take challenging classes,” said Salas, who is in the AVID program.  “I wouldn’t be here without their help.”

Salinas plans to study accounting and financing and work in the business field. He is president of BPA here at Ben Davis as well as president of the Latino Success Network. He works at Eli Lily in the afternoon as part of our business co-op program.

“Wayne has really helped me succeed,” said Salinas, who is No. 24 academically in his class. “The education I have gotten here is fantastic, but the community and business support I have received is a big part of my successes as well. This entire community has helped me become a well-grown man.”

The three Ben Davis students were part of five Indianapolis area students who received Butler scholarships today. They went through an admission interview process two weeks ago but had no idea they were up for full ride scholarships.

“This is a huge surprise,” Salas said. “What a morning.”