Indianapolis Cultural Trail

A new way to explore downtown


In 1999, Indianapolis officially designated six cultural districts to promote the city’s cultural assets and soon after that, the construction of the Cultural Trail began. The city decided to spend 63 million dollars on a trail that would connect every district together and make exploring downtown easier and more fun for everyone.

The eight mile trail connects Fountain Square, Indiana Ave, Mass Ave, White River State Park, Wholesale District and Broad Ripple Village. People can see all of the local shops and seven public art projects. There are also 86 new bike racks and the trail also connects to the historic Fletcher Place Neighborhood. People can also see the Glick Peace Walk.

Since the trail has no end or beginning, everyone is welcomed to start wherever they want and end wherever they want. You can start at the Glick Peace Walk where 12 people are celebrated and remembered for their peaceful progress such as Martin Luther King and Albert Einstein. Or you can start at Fountain Square and enjoy all the art and wonderful restaurants in that district.

Besides all the things to see and discover, the trail has runs and walks where people can participate and help keep the trail clean and clear of snow during the winter months. February 28, 2015 is there first run of the year. All the money earned during this event will go to winter cleanup and ice removal to have a clear trail for pedestrian year round.

The Cultural Trail will give you an opportunity to see parts of downtown that you normally would not go to and find new place to hang out and enjoy time with your friends. You can go to a different district every weekend and make it a mission to discover a new place to have fun at.