BPA advances 30 to state competition

District event features eight champions

The following Ben Davis High School Business Professionals of America members were Top 10 finishes at the District Leadership Conference.  DLC was held Saturday, January 17, 2015, at Danville Community High School.


Several students advanced to state in both contests they competed in. The State Leadership Conference will be held March 15-17, 2015, at the Downtown Marriott.


*Denotes State Qualifiers


Fundamental Accounting

10th Place–Kiran Atwal*

8th Place–Brooke Ferguson*

7th Place–Paul Mason*

5th Place–Eliu Rodriguez*

4th Place–Henry Salinas*


Advanced Accounting

9th Place–Malik Limehouse*

8th Place–Emily Bigley*

7th Place–Danielle Schell*

6th Place–Fancisco Zepeda*

5th Place–Chaz Stringer*

4th Place–Heather Metcalf*


Payroll Accounting

10th Place–Kiran Atwal*

9th Place–Mariana Lovera*

7th Place–Destinee Thornton*

4th Place–Henry Salinas*

2nd Place–Heather Metcalf*

District Champion–Irving Salinas*


Banking & Finance

District Champion–Paul Mason*


Financial Analyst Team

District Champions–Irving Salinas, Chaz Stringer, Destinee Thornton*


Economic Research Team

3rd Place–Mariana Lovera and Jessica Martinez-Margarito


Global Marketing Team

2nd Place–Natalia (Toni) Dubrovensky, Kayla Richardson, Francisco Zepeda*


Fundamental Word Processing

9th Place–Kabrina Wallace*

District Champion–Elijah Lewis*


Integrated Office Applications

9th Place–Mitchell Whaley*


Fundamental Desktop Publishing

10th Place–Katia Sanders*


Administrative Support Team

4th Place–Elijah Lewis and Mitchell Whaley


Interview Skills

4th Place–Brooke Ferguson

District Champion–Connie Brahm*


Extemporaneous Speech

District Champion–Connie Brahm*


Java Programming

6th Place–Brandon Freeman*


Fundamentals of Web Design

7th Place–Max Pugh*

5th Place–Amanda Echegaray*

4th Place–Makayla Crawford*

2nd Place–Brandon Freeman*

District Champion–Stephanie Wallace* 


Graphic Design Promotion

10th Place–Katia Sanders

4th Place–Makayla Crawford



7th Place–Kyra Hulitt


Financial Math & Analysis–Open Event

10th Place–Emily Bigley

6th Place–Irving Salinas

District Champion–Brandon Freeman


Personal Financial Management Concepts–Open Event

5th Place–Heather Metcalf


Administrative Support Concepts–Open Event

10th Place–Kabrina Wallace

4th Place–Irving Salinas


Information Technology Concepts–Open Event

10th Place–Amanda Echegaray

5th Place–Stephanie Wallace


Computer Programming Concepts–Open Event

5th Place–Brandon Freeman

4th Place–Stephanie Wallace


Business Meeting Management Concepts–Open Event

6th Place–Makayla Crawford


Management, Marketing, Human Resources Concepts–Open Event

8th Place–Makayla Crawford


SQL Database Fundamentals–State Only Event

Stephanie Wallace*


Diplomat TORCH Recipients

Connie Brahm

Jessica Martinez-Margarito