DECA qualifies 29 for state competition

Thirty-nine Ben Davis DECA students competed at the annual district competition held at Brownsburg High School this past Wednesday.

Below is a list of student names and results. We will have 29 students representing us at State Competition in qualifying events, as well campaign events in which they will write and present a promotional plan.

*Denotes State Qualifier

Principles of Business Management and Administration Bailey Moore – 15 th Place

Principles of Marketing *Julia Haslett – 10th place Ruby Flores – 18th place

Buying and Merchandising  *Caroline Crouch/Olivia Ferguson – 9th place

Hospitality Services *Natalia (Toni) Dubrovensky/Brittany Baker – 6 th place

Marketing Communications  *Kiranjit Atwal/Mansi Pandya – 3rd Place *Jose DeLaCruz/Thomas Kee – 9 th Place

Travel and Tourism  *Micayla Edsall/Melissa Tratensek – 10th Place Andrea Escobar/Leslie Bonilla- 18 th Place

Accounting  *Jide Oyedeyi – 8th Place

Apparel  andAccessories Ally Johnson – 14 th Place Jayonna Wilbert – 15th Place

Automotive Services        Norman Oglesby – 17th Place

Business Finance *Paul Mason – 3 rd Place *Chaz Stringer – 4th Place

BusinessServices *Jon Knop – 9th Place

ElliottBouler – 17th Place

Food Marketing

*Brittany Davis – 9 th Place Katia Sanders – 16th Place

Hotel and Lodging Management Luz Gonzalez – 14 th  Mariah Napier – 17th

Human Resources Management *Briana Higgins – 6th Place

Marketing Management *Tanner Lawson – 12 th Place

Quick-Serve Restaurant Management  *Brendyn Waites – 9th Place Ni’Sean Jones – 14 th Place

Restaurant and Food Management *Kayla Richardson – 10th Place Esther Mangena – 15 th Place

Retail Management Jaisha Johnson – 13th Place Wyatt McWorter – 15 th Place

Sports and Entertainment Marketing *Wayvon Lockhart – 11th Place *Mikayla Postma – 12 th Place

Professional Selling *Shi Tuck – 6 th Place *Lisa Wasielewski – 7th Place