STAMP week: Friday is for Peace


The last letter for “STAMP” week is P, which stands for peace. The goal for this is to eliminate bullying in order to have a peaceful environment in the classroom and in society.

In order to create a peaceful environment in the classroom, the first step is for students to respect each other. Students should be taught and encouraged to value those around them.

Teachers can set an example by speaking respectfully to students and their colleagues and showing kindness. Teachers can also incorporate examples of respect in their lessons.

Diversity and the practices of different cultures can be studied in History and Foreign Language classes. In English and Government, students can learn to accept and respect other student’s viewpoints and opinions. Respect is the first step in creating a peaceful culture.

Learning to compromise is another important factor. Instead of arguing with a classmate when they disagree, a student should practice listening and making concessions to the other’s point of view. By doing this, a person can express what they think and come to an understanding with the other person. Talking about what angers or upsets each student will be more peaceful and more effective than arguing.

Empathy can also create a peaceful environment. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. When a person practices empathy, he or she seeks to comprehend why another person behaves as they do by putting themselves in that other person’s shoes. Through understanding, the separation between people is reduced. It’s more difficult to bully someone that you feel you understand.

Another step to fostering peace is getting involved with an organization or club that promotes harmony. At the Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center, students can participate in the POP challenge. POP stands for peace over prejudice.

During this challenge, students learn statistics of bullying and how it leads to bad situations. POP also allows students the opportunity to share their experiences of bullying and violence as well as brainstorm ideas to help create a more peaceful surrounding.

Students should look for opportunities like this, in school and in the community, to learn and share about how to create a more peaceful, bully-free environment.

As STAMP week comes to an end, make sure your actions and words help create peace in our school and society.