Wayne Township takes to Twitter

Administrators host #WeAreWayne chats

It is common to hear complaints about society’s use — or, as some might argue, over-use — of technology. Many people have heard that their phones make them socially detached and that Google makes them lazy.Twitter_logo_blue

However, despite all the criticism of these technology-clogged times, social media and the Internet can both connect people who would never otherwise interact and lead to the development of new ideas. That is why, since August 5, 2014, Wayne Township administrators have been hosting a series of Twitter chats open to anyone in the township, including teachers, parents and students.

The chats take place every Tuesday evening from 7 to 7:30 p.m. and discuss a variety of issues that are relevant to members of the Wayne Township community. For example, past topics have included digital citizenship and living healthy lifestyles, and future topics will include student involvement and civic engagement.

“I’ve witnessed firsthand how powerful social media can be for professional education,” virtual education specialist Michelle Eaton said. “Our goal is not only to connect with the community and students, but to learn from each other.”

The chats are simple to navigate, even for those who are unfamiliar with Twitter. In order to participate, you first need to create an account or log on to an existing one. Twitter chats rely on hashtags, phrases placed after pound signs that direct Twitter users to a page displaying all tagged Tweets. Search for #WeAreWayne, and you will find a feed containing all the Tweets featuring that hashtag. During the chat, a moderator asks questions using the hashtag, and all participants are free to respond.

Administrators look to expand attendance to include Wayne Township students.

“Students should attend so they can have a say in their education,” Eaton said. “You all have a lot of information. We recently had a chat about positive behavior and how to reward it, and it would have been insightful to have students sharing their ideas.”

Eaton is even open to involving high schoolers on a deeper level and would love to have a student moderator at an upcoming chat. She encourages students to contact her if they have any ideas for discussion topics or want to get involved.

From the opportunity to make your voice heard to the possibility of gaining a new follower or two, the #WeAreWayne Twitter chats offer a plethora of benefits. The next time you are spending a lazy Tuesday evening on the Internet, feel free to head to Twitter and chime in on the latest chat.