A guide for surviving Ben Davis’ halls

Upperclassmen provide valuable navigation tips to their underclassmen peers

Upperclassmen at Ben Davis understand the daily struggles that the underclassmen face while trying to adjust to a new school. Not too long ago, we too wandered the crowded hallways with bewildered eyes, desperately trying to find our classrooms. Now, we share 15 navigation tips with our younger peers.

Tip 1:  “Just go to class, don’t stand there talking.” – Bella Bertoni

Tip 2:  “Use the stairs at the end of “C” hall instead of the common stairs.”- Claire Smith

Tip 3: “Go out of any other door but door two, during dismissal.” – Rebecca Crain

Tip 4:   “Avoid T hall upstairs and downstairs because they will be the most crowded hallways.”- Chaz Stringer

Tip 5:  “Instead of walking through the commons “S” hall, walk down “D” hall by the vending machine on the left side of the cafeteria.” – Carlin Underwood

Tip 6:  “Instead of walking through the commons to get to “AA” hall, take downstairs “X” hall then “A” hall and then “AA” hall.”- Carlin Underwood

Tip 7: “When you’re going to or coming from weights, BDTV or speech class, use that back hallway across from the vending machines instead of trying to force your way through the commons.” – Demarco Henry

Tip 8:  “Make sure that when you go through B-Hall, you make sure to move quickly before it gets too congested to get through.” –Montario Quinn

Tip 9: “If you’re trying to get to the performing arts department, there is a hallway that connects “F” Hall to “S” hall with very little congestion.”- Bre Cooper

Tip 10: “If you can, always avoid the commons! There are stairs just past the commons that will get you upstairs without all of the traffic.”- Bre Cooper

Tip 11: “Carry your book bag to keep your stuff. That way you don’t have to go to your locker too much and you’ll be on time.” – Sucely Rivera

Tip 12: “To get to “C” hall from “X” hall upstairs- Go to the stairs next to Ms. Miley’s and Mr. Mitchaner’s classrooms.”- Aaron Smith

Tip 13:  “If you’re exiting the building through the doors by the theatre/choir areas, you don’t have to brave the commons. Instead, you can take the stairs in the gym at the end of “B” hall- when you arrive downstairs, you’ll be closer to the doors then if you took the main stairway.”- Emily Rasmussen

Tip 14: “Cutting through the cafeteria will cut the commons travel time in half or more.”- Devon Rittenhouse

Tip 15:  “Instead of using the commons to get to weights. Use “C” hall stairs to get to “T” hall. Turn left once you get to “F” hall, this will lead you to “R” hall. Girls use “G” hall stairs, while guys can go right to “H” hall locker room.” –Michelle McElroy