Yearbook editors plan for new year, new look

Ball State trip helps set tone for exciting changes


While band members spend hours on the practice fields and athletic teams continue summer conditioning, seniors Madison Woodward and Erin Hiday have been just as busy planning changes to the Keyhole yearbook.

“It is going to be different then anything we have ever done,” Woodward said while attending a two-day yearbook camp at Ball State. “It is going to be challenging, but very exciting.”
Among the new features this year will be video footage provided via iPhone technology and a completely new interior look.
“It is going to be very much designed like a magazine, with the emphasis on people and dialogs,” Hiday said.
The theme for the 2014-15 book is “The Wonder Years” with the book featuring topics on subjects high school students wonder about during their high school years. The two senior co-editors also have planned changes to how the book is organized and have plans to involve more student features in the book. The new video feature will allow students with iPhones to access special videos placed within the book by simple hovering their phone over specially-marked photos.
“That will give us a whole new feature to teach and a very cool way to expand our coverage,” Woodward said.
Orders for the 2014-15 book can be placed beginning Tuesday during schedule pick up day. Just look for the Keyhole table in the commons. An early bird price of $70 is available until August 31, when the price will increase to $80. If interested in setting up an installment payment plan, please see Mr. Hayes in Room X109.