New schedule draws mixed emotions

In addition to earlier start time, passing periods will also change

A new schedule for Wayne Township has been all planned out and set in stone for next year, and the result could mean a little more sleep in the mornings.

A 9 p.m.  bed time may be no more for many of us, and our nights may be spent staying up later to finish up homework. An even bigger change will be 5-minute passing periods.

Here are some of opinions on the 8:30 a.m. start for next year (and 3:20 p.m. dismissal):

“I can’t wait. I’m really excited to catch up on some sleep and I’m actually a little more motivated for school next year. I think it will be a great way to end senior year.” – junior Meaghan Owens.

“The new start time is fine with me except it prevents me from working my part-time job during the week because the latest shift I could work starts at 4:00 pm and that does not give me the time I need to get home, feed my dogs, let them out, change and get to work. So, that is the part that really bums me out.” – art teacher Allison Kegley.

“I don’t like it. I’d rather go earlier to get out earlier. It pushes back times for extracurricular activities so we get home later.” – sophomore Carissa Robinson.

“I like it because I’ll get to sleep in longer so then I can be more motivated to go to school. I feel very sleep deprived.” – junior Danielle Clements.

“I am an early bird and like to get things started so I have more of an evening left to enjoy.  But if data supports the time change then that is what we should do so we can create the best opportunity for our students.” – science teacher Brad Phelps.

“I think the new start and dismissal times will be great.  It will be beneficial for students to get some extra sleep in the morning. Maybe first period classes will have a bit more zest!” – English teacher Courtney Reece.

“I think it will be a good thing.  Studies have shown that adolescent students learn better later in the day.” – French teacher Brayton Mendenhall.


With a mixed array of emotions from the staff and students, why not throw in a curve ball?

Straight from assistant principal Matt Clodfelter, “It is true that we will move from 6 minute passing to a 5 minute passing.”

Below you’ll find the bell schedule for next year:



Period 1               8:30 – 9:23 (announcements and BDTV will occur here)

Period 2               9:28 – 10:16

Period 3               10:21 – 10:45

Period 4               10:50 – 11:14

Period 5               11:19 – 11:43

Period 6               11:48 – 12:12

Period 7               12:17-12:41

Period 8               12:46 – 1:34

Period 9               1:39 – 2:27

Period 10             2:32 – 3:20