Foundation funds multiple projects

May 1 is final deadline for this school year

The Wayne Township Education Foundation has funded more than 95 classroom projects over the past year.

Interested teachers or staff have until may 1 to submit innovative ideas for the sping.  Below is a list of all the projects funded within the past year:

Ben Davis High School
Danny Kollada, Scientific Calculators for High School Math Classes
Margaret O’Connell, Calculators for Algebra
Daniel Schwanekamp, Sharpening Minds
Daniel Schwanekamp, Calculating Success
Brian Libby, Supply Side Chemistry
Erin Currie, Trading Paper Trig Tables for Scientific Calculators
Brian Libby, Chemistry in the Balance – Electronic Balances Needed!
Lauren Pfister, Giantbucks Coffee Cart
Danny Kollada, Technology For High School Mathematics
Lacy Tubbs, Geometry–It’s Easy as Pi
Rebecca Tudor, Exploring Trigonometric Functions in the Real World
Brian Libby, This Does Not Compute
Meridith Edwards, Calculating Steps
Gary Rudolph, Basically Bassoon!
Jessica Hoover, Pathways — BD Artisans
Martin VanZant, Graphic Imaging
Lauren Pfister, Life Skills
Richard Hettenvan, Computer Repair and Networking
Tom Hayes, Going Online
Tim Payne, Upward Bound with Classroom Book Clubs
Kathy Hicks-Brooks, Student Literacy Conference

Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center
Katie Ciresi, A Flood of Books!

Ben Davis University
Ciara Belk, BDU Dance Crew

Bridgeport Elementary School
Stacy Vonderheide, Mobi View for Developmental Kindergarten Classroom
Katie McKinney, Painting The Day Away
Trudy Barker, Kindergarten Play n’ Learn
Katie McKinney, Mosaic Makings!
Sherry Hill, Music With Mallets
Katie McKinney, Glazing Daze

Chapel Glen Elementary School
Nicole Monkul, Magnificent Magnets
Nicole Monkul, Creative Minds at Play
Cindi Lacey, Structured Recess Activities = Building Teamwork Skills
Gregory Clouse, Reaching Our Potential… Energy!
Leslie Reed, Teaching With Tablets
Nicole Monkul, A is for Apple!
Krista Henning, Reluctant Reader Remedy – Tablets
Brandon Warren, Technology & Literacy in the 21st Century Classroom

Chapel Hill 7 & 8 Grade Center
Holly Brumback, A Hunger for Reading!!!
Jason Brumback, Last Shot: Reading, Writing, & Reporting
Sheri Patterson, Collaboration Café
Vicki Jarrett, Science Enchantment

Chapelwood Elementary School
Hillary Hoersten, Scholastic News
Allison Van Noy, TIME to Start Learning!
Nicole Caulfield, Chess Sets Needed for Our Extracurricular Chess Club
Shannon Scott, It’s Time for Kids
Patti Zinn, Discovering the Lost Arts!
Toby Shirar, Seeing is Believing
Allison Van Noy, Accelerating Learning in the Cluster Classroom

Garden City Elementary School
Brittany Leopold, We Love Emily Wiggins: We Want to Read the Sequel
Chelsea Schweer, From Confused to Comprehending in One Easy Step!

Lynhurst 7 & 8 Grade Center
Amy Stovall, Sharp Pencils=Sharp Art

Maplewood Elementary School
Andrew Lentz, Do the Mobi at Maplewood!
Joanna Golando, Mallet Mania!
Joanna Golando, Away We Go with Altos!
Morgan Gonterman, “Surfing” To Relieve Stress For Special Education Students!

McClelland Elementary School
Tami Parsons, Books for Us!
Karla Fredericks, Cultivating A Love For Reading
Laura Wormald, Books For Reading Intervention

North Wayne Elementary School
Marlina Koonce, Creative Kids
Mindy Lindsay, Everybody Needs Their Own Space!
Kari Price, Adventures with Scholastic
Jennifer Ladalski, Reader’s Workshop Books & Book Bags

Rhoades Elementary School
Natalie Brenneman, Audio Books for our Listening Center
Holly Daniel, Equipment Needs
Natalie Brenneman, Tablets for Kinders
Natalie Brenneman, Leveled Books For Independent Reading
Molly Mote, Still Life Painting with Elementary Students
Molly Mote, Assemblage Sculpture Inspired by Louise Nevelson
Brittany Wright, Help Us Organize And Shop For Books In Our Classroom Library
Kristin Price, 21st Century @ Rhoades

Robey Elementary School
Natalia Nefedova, Grammaniacs
Ann King, It’s a Third Grade Book Frenzy

Stout Field Elementary School
Paige Coapstick, Newbie Teacher Needing Classroom Supplies!
Paige Coapstick, Developing Wonderful Writers!
Amber Isom, Library Under Construction
S. Garner, Merry Christmas Kinders!
Samantha Kelly, Baby, It’s Cold Outside.
Amber Isom, Bringing the World to Stout Field Elementary

Wayne Enrichment Center
Christine Beasley, Adding More Calculators in the Math Room

Wayne Township Preschool
Meghann Triggs, Fun with Technology for Little Ones
Julia Laranja, Just Keep Gluing
Julia Laranja, Handwriting Without Tears
Wendy Barnhart, Bring the Performing Arts Programming to WTP
Lisa Cordle, Book Buddy Bags

Westlake Elementary School
Brooke Thompson, Exploring with National Geographic for Kids
Nancy Stutzman, Let’s Get “Write” to the Point
Kristin Tillett, Giving Us A Voice
Nancy Stutzman, Puzzled – Not Us!
LaNae Reineck, Monkeying Around with Math in Kindergarten!
Kiely Seaver, Learning ABC’s In Kindergarten!
Nancy Stutzman, It Is Fun to Build Words in Kindergarten
James Caughey, Communication is the Key to Success!
Kiely Seaver, Kindergartners Can Build… With Words!
Kelsey Deckard, The Art of Seeing: Help Students Find Their Vision!
Lauren Ruth, Kindergarten ABC’s!