Security sales rise as crime goes up

Indianapolis homeowners no longer feel safe in their own homes


The recent rise in home invasions has spiked worry for homeowners in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.

As of November, IMPD reports that there have been 27 home invasions reported in Marion County in the month of November alone. Only ten arrests have been made in the home invasion cases, and police believe that there are several still on the run.

“These types of crimes will not be tolerated in our city,” said Police Chief Hite in an interview with WTHR 13. “We hope these arrests bring some sense of comfort to the victims in these cases and to the citizens of Indianapolis. This is a safe city —  a great city — and we will not have any suspect force us to live in fear.”

Many citizens are starting to take their safety into their own hands and not just leaving it up to the police department to keep them safe.  Indy gun store owners report that gun sales are well on the rise right along with robberies and home invasions.

There is a high increase in the amount of residents who are purchasing firearms, applying for gun permits and taking firearm safety courses and you may be surprised to know that many of these people are in fact, women. In addition, home security companies are also reporting an increase in business.

“Any time you read about reports about home invasions we get an increase in business,” said Bill Nelson, owner of Nelson Securities on the northside of Indianapolis. “We are in the business of helping homeowners protect their property. We can’t prevent break-ins, but we can make it difficult.”

An Indianapolis mother, Pam Haverly, told WTHR that she believes the men who recently broke into and burglarized her home actually cased out her neighborhood a few days before the incident when she noticed two men knocking on doors throughout the neighborhood supposedly looking for work.

Haverly mentioned that she refuses to live in fear in her own home and not only will rely on the family dog to alert them of intruders, but also states that she is not afraid, because she’s a “pretty good shot.” She is well trained on how to use her own personal protection to keep her and her family safe.

The fact is most people no longer feel safe in their own home, and as more information comes out on the news each night about the violent nature of these home invasions, robberies and attacks, many women feel that their only means of true protection is a weapon or increased home security.

“We offer many ways to protect your belongings,” Nelson said. “It is really up to each homeowner on what they want to spend and how much.”

Recent home invasion victims know from experience that these perpetrators are well-armed and many people think that by arming yourself equally, you are much more safer in the situation and have a greater chance of leaving the scene unharmed.  In the end, material things can be replaced, what’s more important is the fact that you and your family are safe.

It’s always a great idea to know your neighbors and just keep an open eye on your neighborhood. Never hesitate to call the police if you see something suspicious or just do not feel right about a situation.  Follow your gut feeling, even if there is no crime being committed; it is better to be safe than sorry.

Police also highly stress keeping yourself safe on social media. Do not advertise when you will be gone from your home for periods of time, or talk about new electronics or expensive items you have at your home this holiday season. With Christmas fast approaching, it is important to keep your family safe and your home just as secure.