Want to honor an educator?

Then consider this option sponsored by the education foundation

Are you wondering what to get your favorite teacher, principal, secretary bus driver, or other Wayne Township MSD staff member this year?

Take this opportunity to let them know they have made a difference in a student’s life, and are paving the way for a new generation of leaders by participating in “Honor an Educator” sponsored by the Wayne Township Education Foundation.

This annual campaign has become known as an “honor roll” of those involved, passionate individuals who stimulate our children’s curiosity, foster their academic growth and encourage them to become responsible citizens.

For every gift, the honored educator or staff member receives a congratulatory note wishing them a happy holiday that explains a contribution has been made in honor of them.

The vision of the Wayne Township Education Foundation is to fund extraordinary educational programs and be a catalyst for lifelong learning.   The Wayne Township Education Foundation’s goal is to enhance education through our funding of innovative projects and programs beyond the regular curriculum.

The Foundation not only provides funding for teacher, student and employee grants; it also rewards, recognizes and encourages academic excellence. All contributions are tax deductible. Forms are available on-line at www.wayne.k12.in.us/wtef or by contacting the Foundation at 988-7966 for more information.

For more information regarding Wayne Township Education Foundation programs and events, please visit our website www.wayne.k12.in.us/wtef or contact Rachel Shelton by email rachel.shelton @wayne.k12.in.us or by phone (317) 988-7966.