Tuxhorn talks teaching

Spanish teacher wins Sept. honor


Madeline Cook

Spanish teacher Matt Tuxhorn is the September winner of the staff You Make a Difference award.

The “You Make a Difference” award winner for September is Spanish teacher Matt Tuxhorn, who answers a few questions:

What’s your favorite part about working at BD?

My favorite part about working at Ben Davis is the students.  They are the reason I come back year after year.

What do you think is important about education?

Being a strong educator is my mission because in today’s society young people need lots of love and direction in order to become productive citizens of this world.

I don’t just teach Spanish, I teach lifelong skills that all students can use in their futures.  Some of my students do not get that at home so I make sure they get it in my classroom.

What do you like best about your job?

My students are amazing and I love watching them grow, not just in Spanish but it in their lives as well.

How long have you worked at BD?

This is my eighth year.

Have you ever won the “You Make a Difference Award”?

This is the first time I have won this award.

How did you start getting involved with Spanish?

I started taking Spanish in high school.  It was never my intention to become a Spanish teacher.  I studied in Spain in college, and when I came back to the states I got my “call” to teach.  In the beginning, teaching was just my career; however, I now realize it is my mission and my purpose in life.

Note: The You Make a Difference is awarded monthly to a staff member. Nominations can be sent to Mike Vetter.