Bonnano holds choir department together


LaKennya Bush, staff writer

If you have ever spent time in the choir hallway, there is a good chance you have met choir administrative assistant Sonya Bonnano, who many call the glue that keeps the choir department together.

Tell me about your background.

“Background hmmm I went to Fulton and then Ben Davis HS. Graduated early in December, 1980. Year of 1981. Attended IUPUI for 4 years. Was a banker for over 10 years. Started work at BDHS in August, 2007. Hired on as the Assistant to the Treasure in the bookstore. Loved this position. Moved to Student Services for several years as Mr. Woodard’s Administrative Assistant. Loved this position! Then transferred to the choir department and I work with 9th-12th grade students. Still loving this position every single day.”

What do you do/what’s your position here?

“I am the choir secretary for three choir directors and 300 plus students.”

What made you want to do what you do?

“First I am not sure that I wanted to do what I am doing now. I needed a job and I was lucky enough a job was offered to me by Wayne Township. Within my first year with Wayne I realized this is where I was meant to be. “

What do you think is your greatest professional accomplishment?

“The knowledge I have learned from my colleagues and students that I have worked with in Wayne Township in my 15 plus years. Each day I seem to learn something new and that is always an accomplishment in my book.”

What makes you a good fit for BD?

“I am a people person. Here at BDHS it is good to be a people person with as many staff and students that we have. In my position in the choir department I feel like I am surrounded by a big family. I have a sense of belonging. Because of the feeling of being a family I want to work hard for the students in every way needed. I am kinda like a house mom.”

What do you like most about your job?

“The students for sure. Having many of our students starting in 9th grade and going through our department until they graduate is extremely rewarding to see them grow and become young adults. I love it the most but it saddens me the most to see them leave us to graduate.”

How do you motivate students?

“I try to show kindness, respect and gratitude to our students in hopes they respond with the same. Earning these from our students motivates not only me to want to work harder but it also makes our students want to do the same. I treat the students the way I want to be treated. Food–candy–snacks also really helps to motivate them.”