Try these costumes on for fun

Drake Johnson, staff writer

This person is cosplaying the character Fiddlesticks from League of Legends and although this looks complicated the costume is just made out of sewn together cloth, rope, straw, and the wood covered stilts. Although with the lights in the mask it may be a bit more complicated just imagine this 7 foot tall thing stumbling over to you, not to mention what this is supposed to sound like when it talks. This is definitely going to be one of the scariest costumes on this list.

Next you have the little sister from Bioshock along with the BD. You could only imagine how long this took to make, especially the BD and how hard it must probably be to move around in that thing. What makes it even cooler is that they decided to go to an aquarium to make it even more like the game since it is set underwater.

Next is Kratos from God of War, specifically the third one and not only is this person’s costume on point but they have the face, the stance, and probably the voice and personality down too. This honestly brings me back to playing this game on the PS2 when I was 8. This costume looks relatively easy to recreate with the exception of the swords since most of it is just body paint and makeup.

Out of everything I love these  the most. The characters they are portraying are Zane Flynt from Borderlands 3 and Gaige from Borderlands 2.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that these people went the extra mile to make themselves look like they are in the same artstyle as the Borderlands series was made in. You know this took them days worth of work and preparation to complete and that these people have dedication to what they love and I can respect that.

These people definitely have some craftsmanship as I’m betting most if not all of their costumes and props were made solely by them. The person on the top is The Courier from Fallout NV wearing the NCR Elite Riot Gear, which is known as one of the most iconic outfits in video game history, and what looks like the 50. Cal sniper from Fallout NV. The one on the bottom is The Sole Survivor from Fallout 4 sporting a padded vault suit with the shishkebab. Not only do these people know how to make stuff but you know they know what they are doing as they chose the most iconic props and outfits to use in their costumes from their game and I think thats what makes cosplaying so fun is just recognizing the small details and the amount of detail, creativity, and time people put into their costumes.

Well If you didn’t know what to dress up as for halloween it could be simple or you could take it the extra mile like these people did and always remember to not be afraid to express yourself!