Tik Tok time is running out

Is this Tik Tok addiction taking over?

Najiyah Payton, Staff Writer

Tik Tok is a social media platform similar to the classics vine and music.ly. Its known for being extremely addicting because of the comedic videos and popular opinions along with current news such as a new Netflix show.

Many people meet on the app and form friendships and other relationships, along with crushes on the many extremely attractive users.

Trends come and go every month and controversies and drama as well. If your video is relatable enough or you’re attractive enough then you can get millions of views and likes. There are sisters who dance together on Tik Tok who have more than seven millions views nearly every day they post.

Popular people also receive money from the app. There is no information available on how much you can make on tik tok, e money but it’s been proven by the tiktokers themselves that you can make money.

 People spread their opinions, likes and dislikes and though it can stir up some arguments overall it is a very open community.

When the app first came out in September 2017 it wasn’t very popular because the people using it consisted mostly of cosplayers. However, it soon took off as a way to express yourself, making the app extremely popular.

Around 800 million people worldwide have joined the fun, including celebrities such as Wil Smith, Ariana Grande, Reese Witherspoon and more.

If you haven’t already, join the app it’s really fun and easily can take your mind off the many stressful things high school students deal with on a daily basis. 

Though the app is fun, it’s based around beauty and societies standard of it, which can offend some people. Tik Tok is known for lowering multiple girls self esteem, which is unfortunate.

Drama — though it can be interesting for some — often overtakes the app and can overtake the funny comedic Tik Tok on the For You page.

Attractive boys can look at their phone and get hundreds of thousands of likes and have young girl fall in love with them. Most guys who get this hype don’t last very long because they also get caught up in drama.

Aside from all of the negative things many people really do enjoy the app. It is worth a try.