It’s a celebration

ASA to honor African culture this Friday


Amina Dalal, entertainment editor

ASA is the African Student Association. It was established last year in order to create a space for African students to celebrate their heritage, honor their lived experiences, and share all of this with the rest of the school.

When asked about why ASA is important to her, junior Mahlet Gebremeskel said, “ASA is important to me because it brings the diaspora African community together”. She is one of five leaders of the club. Other leaders include Kalikedin Negussie, Olamide Awoola, Nereah Kojwang and Olubukola Akintayo.

Junior Cohob Gebrehewit, a member of ASA, adds that, “Because [we have] people in this school that come from such similar backgrounds, it’s really nice to have a small community that we can create and it’s exciting to hear relatable stories from each member.”

The club meets weekly after school on Wednesdays, usually from 3:30-4:15. Meetings can cover all kinds of things from discussions on colorism to Africa-related trivia games to planning for their annual ASA night.

ASA night is an annual event and a full night of fun, with dance performances, delicious food, henna, a fashion show, and more. Members of ASA are excited to share their culture in such an exciting way.

Some people are wary of attending meetings or coming to ASA night, but just because you are not African, does not mean that you can’t participate. ASA is simply a collection of students that appreciate African culture, and want to promote cultural diversity and inclusion.

Mahlet actually encourages people who are not of African descent to join.

“It’s important that there is not only diversity by those who come from different African countries, but also diversity in the sense that everyone joins”. She added that “It’s important that Africans and non Africans alike come together to learn more about the history and stories of such beautiful cultures.”

Regardless of where you’re from, if you like good food and having fun, ASA night is for you!