Keeping us healthy

A tribute to our school nurses during National Nurses Week

Natalie Ruiz, Staff writer

Wednesday is National School Nurse Day and here at Ben Davis we have two of the best. Danelle Chin and Peggy Geoghegan have been long time dedicated nurses for both students and teachers. Their hard work and efforts help keep around 3,000 students safe and in good health.

Throughout the day we see students for a variety of reasons including injuries, students who need to take medications, general health questions, students seeking advice about health and wellness, anxiety and stress issues, diabetic students, asthma , colds and cough, first aid,” Geoghegan said.

“In additions to students we also see staff for health questions and medications.  When we are not working with students or staff we also help educate our student parents and families.  We also have charting and additional  paperwork to do .  Entering student immunization records takes the most time for us.  We also track daily clinic activity and report this to the Education Center,” Geoghegan said.

A lot of work goes into helping and ensuring the well being of our students and staff. Nursing is definitely a job for the strong and compassionate people in this world. Geoghegan graduated from Nursing school in 1982. Chin has been a nurse since 2002 and has worked at Riley Children’s Hospital as well as IU Health West.

“I have always known I wanted to do something in the medical field,” Chin said.

“I have always been very nurturing and I’m most happy when I’m taking care of the people around me. I enjoy building relationships with people so nursing was a natural fit,” Chin said.

To be as strong willed and selfless as these women is a gift we are lucky to have at Ben Davis.

“My greatest reward is knowing that I have made a difference to someone.

Since I work with another nurse, National Nurses Day makes me think about my co-worker and how thankful I am for her,” Geoghegan said.

“The community in Wayne Township, specifically Ben Davis High School, is remarkable.  My co-workers are phenomenal.  I have received so much support from staff and students, both professionally and personally.  I am grateful for the opportunity to work in this school,” Chin said.

Our wonderful nurses deserve recognition every day of the year. Thank you to both of you for everything you do!