Marver’s fulltime job is subbing

This sub brings a smile to school every day

Amanda Miller, Staff writer

Did you know that Ben Davis has two full time building subs?

If you didn’t know, you’re about to find out about one of them.

Jerry Marver has been a building sub here for the past 10 years. Marver, 69, enjoys what he does and has no plans for retiring any time soon.

“This is more fun than it is work,” Marver said. “Where else can you work with so many talented people and so many bright kids.”

Marver is known for his kindness and his corny jokes. He enjoys working with all of his students. He thinks that over time even the student’s who don’t care will begin to blossom and start caring during their senior year.

Before he was a full time sub, he was a substitute teacher for various school districts. He thinks of us as his own children because he never had kids. He also never got married.

“This job helps me stay young,” Marver said. “I love working with the students and they brighten my day every day.”

When he does retire he he will give scholarship money to Ben Davis so that needy students can afford to go to college.

“This job isn’t about the money, it’s about the kids,” Marver said. “I have had my time to shine, now it’s the students turn.”

Marver wants the very best for Ben Davis students. He enjoys being a building sub.

“If you enjoy what you’re doing, then you’ll never work a day in your life,” Marver said.

Marver spends much of his time working with the Thrive students. Wherever his day takes him, he enjoys spending time with students the most.

“Kindness is something that you can never give away because it comes back to you,” Marver said.

Marver recently lost his mother. Although he never had a family (he wanted two children but never married), he feels like Ben Davis is his extended family.

“I just love it here,” he said. “Everyone works hard and the students can be inspiring.”

He graduated in 1965 from Indiana State after attending Harrison High School in Evansville. He says he misses about five days a school year and hates having to miss a day.

“The hardest thing I see are students who don’t appreciate the education they are getting,” Marver said. “All I want is to see students learn and grow up to be successful.”

There’s no doubt what motivates him most.

“I value sincerity and goal-driven people,” Marver said.

He wants his students to get an education that will help them become successful in dealing with real life challenges.