Behind the scenes

A look at the ladies who really run this school

Mira Squire-Wiley, writer/photographer

Everyone knows about principal Sandra Squire and the assistant principals who set the tone for the learning culture of our school.

But how many have met the “real” ladies who make sure this school runs smoothly. These are the ladies who’s official titles are administrative assistants, but they do way more than just assist. Julie Majors oversees this group of works and she also is the assistant for Squire.

These five ladies stay behind the scenes, but they handle the paperwork and phone calls that enter a school of this size, they schedule and handle meeting assignments, they answer questions about anything and they make sure all the administrative team is on task. Sounds like a busy day.

As soon as you walk into the main office you see the school secretary Melissa Edwards who is constantly in motion. She answers all calls to the school and never has a chance to take a break. However, she still manages to smile and answer the questions of lost students and parents.

When she does get a break, that job goes to Dionne Molsberry, Tracey Kay or Debbie Baker. Those three complete the five-person team that mans the front offices.

Majors had many things to say about her extremely busy daily routine, which as it turns out is constantly changing based on what surprises the day brings.

“My number one responsibility is to manage the principal’s schedule.” Majors says, “Make sure she’s where she’s supposed to be. I manage the daily flow of the office, so if anything comes up out of the ordinary then I always end up helping resolve those issues. I also handle any and all phone calls and walk ins of anyone who wants to see the principal.”

That isn’t even the half of what these ladies do

“My job is to make sure the master calendar is up to date. That’s the scheduling for the whole building,” said Molsberry, who is assigned to assist assiatant principal Matt Clodfelter. “I handle all these chromebooks. I do field trips. My job is really to make sure my boss’s day goes smoothly.”

As you can plainly see, one woman is in charge of scheduling for the whole building, chromebook distribution, field trips and her boss.

These five ladies have worked together for more than 12 years and have developed a friendship bond that extends beyond the high school walls.

One of the best things about a trip to the main office is the family atmosphere that these ladies have created.

There are many hard workers who work behind the scenes at this school, and these five ladies are a prime example of their importance to the school.

Next time you are in the office, make sure to give a big thanks to these wonderful ladies who do their very best to make sure the school runs smoothly.