Giant Speakers showcase their work

Speech team hosts an event this Friday

For the Ben Davis Giant speakers, the 2014-2015 year has been quite memorable, from state champions to growing as a team, the team has exceeded expectations. And luckily an audience this weekend will be able to see some of the team perform.

This Friday speakers will be performing some of their competition pieces for an audience in the theater. Not only is this a way to showcase their talent, but it also functions as a fundraiser for their team to get to Nationals.

Junior Tiara Spells is one of the many speech team members that is excited for this Friday’s event. According to Spells, audiences will get a taste of some of the best pieces their team has performed all year.

“The showcase will feature the district and state champions performing,” Spells said. “And there you can see why they made it as far as they did. They’re all incredible performers.”

When looking back on her first year as a Giant Speaker, Spells is very happy with joining the team, obstacles and all.

“My poetry program was about cultural appropriation and taking back black culture. And I loved it.” Spells said.

Spells also said this year had it’s challenges.

“My biggest obstacle was probably dealing with judges who may have not like the subject of my piece.” Spells said. “So that was rough, but it is what is, and all you can do is perform to the best of your ability.”

Overall Spells along with the rest of the speech team are looking forward to showcasing and seeing some of their fellow teammates this weekend. So if you are looking for an entertaining event on Friday, you can come to the Ben Davis theater and watch at 7pm. The team is asking for a donation of $5.00 per person.