Wash that shampoo right out of your hair

Why a daily shower habit is damaging


There’s no doubt that showering or bathing is a necessity for good health and hygiene. Not to mention, everyone wants to be clean and fresh to start the day. But there is one part of a daily showering routine that might actually be harmful — shampooing your hair.

That’s right, most people might not know that shampooing your hair every day can actually be hurting it. That’s because many shampoos can actually strip your hair of its natural oils and end up damaging it.

One way to avoid this damage is by not shampooing your hair every single day. It might sound gross but it doesn’t have to be. Shampooing your hair has only recently become an everyday thing.

Shampoo strips the hair of sebum, an oil produced naturally by the scalp. When you shampoo your hair and remove this natural oil from your hair, your skin reacts to this consistent stripping by speeding up production of the oils causing your hair to look greasy.

Shampooing less frequently can actually be more beneficial.

Not shampooing your hair every day doesn’t mean your hair gets dirty. Just rinsing your hair can go a long way or, dry shampoo has gained in popularity in recent years. Many companies offer products that remove the greasy shine and have great scents.

Also, applying baby powder to your roots can help absorb the excess oil. Everyone has a different hair type and you know what works and what doesn’t. It never hurts to try new things.

And if you don’t think you want to risk not shampooing your hair before coming to school, try it over break and see if you notice a difference in the health of your hair.

So while you might not want to skip your daily shower maybe try skipping the part where you shampoo your hair.