Let it snow

There’s plenty do within a few hours of Indy for a winter escape

Have the winter blues got your down? Are you looking for a weekend of fun, but you don;t have the time to travel far?

Try these locations for a fun weekend destination:

  • French Lick Resort
    • Located in French Lick, Indiana, about two hours south of Indianapolis, this hotel is a historic and upscale resort and casino.

According to reviews on Tripadvisor, customers have been completely satisfied with all that the resort has to offer such as indoor tennis courts, basketball courts, swimming pools, and bowling alleys. The hotel staff are warm and welcoming and make your stay worth your while.

  • Chicago
    • Only a three hour drive (or a cheap bus ride) away from Indy, Chicago is a great place to go for a nice weekend away from home. “The Windy City” is full of different museums to choose from whether you’re in the mood for art, science, or history. Hope you’ve saved up because shopping at The Watertower Place is not something you want to miss. If shopping isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to watch some football, head on over to Soldier Field to watch the Bears play.
  • Perfect North Slopes
    • Finding Indianapolis a little on the boring side? You won’t be “snow bored” when you’re at Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Artificial snow allows visitors to ski, snowboard, or tube down the best hills in Indiana. Are you a first-timer and a little uneasy about soaring down the slopes? Don’t worry, daily lessons are offered by the staff.
  • Escape Room
    • If you were looking to really get out of town this is not the place for you. However, if you’re looking to get out of the house for a few hours, try this new escape. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to head Downtown and try to escape from the interactive adventure game: Escape Room. You and your team have an hour to decipher clues throughout themed rooms in order to solve your case.
  • Movie Marathons (at someone else’s house)
    • What’s a movie marathon if you have to provide the all movies and snacks? Crash at someone else’s house, hop on the couch, and watch all the Harry Potters or all of Lord Of The Rings. This cannot be classified as “binge-watching” because let’s be honest, watching Lord Voldemort and the Dark Lord Sauron be defeated are necessities of life. More specifically, plant yourself at Matthew Mark’s house and watch movies with him all day.
  • 50 things to do at Walmart
    • The internet is a magnificent thing. If you search the web for “50 things to do at Walmart”, dozens of links will pop up with some rather interesting ideas. You could set all the alarms clocks to go off in ten minute intervals, cry and ask “why won’t you people leave me alone?” when asked if you need help with anything, or even attempt to fit into very large gym bags. NOTE: This is not encouraging you to get kicked out of Walmart or to involve yourself in any illegal activity.


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