This month in history…

The History Of December

  1. December 1, 1918: Iceland was granted with Independence by the Danish parliament. This is important in history because Iceland where controlled by the Danish and they decided to gain their independence.
  2. December 3, 1962: Edith Sampson was sworn in as the first African American female judge after being elected associate judge. This occurred around the time period African Americans weren’t allowed to be involved in anything political.
  3. December 6, 1865: The 13th Amendment was ratified, abolishing slavery. This is important in history because when the North went to war with the South, Abraham Lincoln decided to abolish slavery in the South except the border states.13thAmendment
  4. December 7, 1941: Pearl Harbor was attacked by 200 Japanese aircrafts. Thesurprise attack lasted over an hour and killed more than 3,000 American soldiers. It signaled America’s involvement in World War II.
  5. December 15, 1791: The Bill Of Rights became effective. This is important to history because after America gained its independence they have made the Bill Of Right to represent its Government and their
  6. December 21 : Winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer begins in the Southern Hemisphere
  7. December 25: Christmas Day The Birth of Jesus Christ. Although we don’t know when he was actually born, this holiday was celebrated on this day by the Western Roman Catholic Church since 336 A.D.images
  8. December 31: New Year’s Eve is the most celebrated holiday in all the world. It is a day to remember the past year while celebrating the promises of the future.414708main_Cassini_NewYears_2010_full