Finding a home at BDTV

Career Center student enjoys being a Giant


Hunter Shortt

Tri-West student Kyle Mackinnon has some fun with the camera. Mackinnon enjoys being a part of BDTV/

Ben Davis has many students coming from various high schools in Indiana. Kyle MacKinnon is one of them.

MacKinnon is a senior who attends Tri-West high school, in Lizton, but leaves early to come to Ben Davis for BDTV. He described his passion for broadcasting and short films as his reason to join the BDTV crew. It was his exposure to Ben Davis that led him here.

“It’s everywhere, the news, social media, and TV,” said MacKinnon, who noted that BD has been a welcoming environment.

MacKinnon wanted to take a course related to the fundamentals of media and broadcasting. While at Tri-West, they introduced Area 31 Program with multiple course options and broadcasting happened to be one of them. During his junior year, he had applied for the BDTV course and was accepted for his senior year.

He believes that this course will help him learn more about the elements of broadcasting and prepare him for his future within the field of work. In the course, MacKinnon learns the basic skills of news reporting, managing video and audio equipment and also writing segments. Among his peers, he described how he learned how to work with other people and share ideas while explaining them in ways others can understand.

When asked what he liked about BDTV, Kyle said, “I love working with the people.”

He described his dedication to be able to work together as a team, mainly emphasizing on the word teamwork. It helped him become stronger in certain subjects and among his peers. Another thrill on BDTV was the pressure of meeting deadlines every week. He explained how there’s so much to finalize in one week and how it motivates you to want to accomplish every task needed.

One of his favorite segments on BDTV is the entertainment. He says he enjoys acting but loves capturing the moments with the camera more. He likes catching the perfect angle and editing videos to better their quality. Shooting with the camera gives him an exhilarating feeling of doing what he loves to do.

His future aspiration is to be a director of photography and be able to catch the right “moment” with the camera and direct others to do the same. He can be able to call the shots of lighting and camera angles. A few of his other interests include recording music. Although he can’t make music himself, he loves to listen and edit it on audio.

Kyle ended us with the BDTV motto, “If it’s about you and me, it’s on BDTV.”