Welcome back Mr. Gray

Former student returns to teach mass media


Hunter Shortt

Mass media teacher Brady Gray is a 2007 graduate of Ben Davis who is in his first year teaching here.

The coolest thing about bonding with a teacher with a teacher is getting to know more about them. All you have to do is ask questions.

This year a new Giant was welcomed back into the Wayne community. Bradley Gray, the new mass media teacher, attended Ben Davis through his sophomore to senior year, graduating in 2007.

“It was the best time of my life, and the phenomenal teachers added to my experience,” Gray said. Teachers noted were Dennis Goins and Jon Easter.

What’s high school without memories? Well, it’s just boring.

“I remember every Friday getting ready for BDTV and the long Thursdays editing,” “There was this one time, Mr. Marcotte (former BD principal) dove into the pool, off the high dive in his suit, for a shot for BDTV. He was so interactive with the kids.”

After graduating from Ben Davis, Gray moved onto Ball State University, graduating in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications and a minor in history.

But what about jobs you ask? Well so did we… before returning as a teacher to BD, Gray worked with RTV6 as a content coordinator.

“I was the ‘do it all’ in the newsroom,” for almost three years.

When asked which job he believed prepared him the most he said, “HHGregg, it was based on all commissions sales, which means you work for every dollar you make. You only get what you put out and it changes the way you look at life in general.”

Gray now begins a career of helping students learn the ins and outs of mass media.

“Working with radio or BDTV is a time where you are learning to learn everything and you’ll be one step ahead, and you wont have to work your way up from the bottom,” he said.

He said he became a teacher specifically for Ben Davis because “There is just something fulfilling about helping someone see their potential… I want to help kids realize their potential, that they can do great things.”