Conundrum of chairs

Chin utilizes new style of chairs

You might want to sit down for this one, because it’s about what you are sitting on.

No matter where you are in the world, there is always something to sit on. Whether the ground or some other flat surface, there is always an open space for your bottom.

Most people like to sit in chairs. Not shocking, but have you ever considered how many times you sit in a chair. For most people, sitting in a chair is their life. To students, the same old school chairs see like a cage of sorts. however, what if I could tell you that there was a new chair making its debut here at Ben Davis.

If you look in Bobby Chin’s room, you will notice that there are no desks connected to chairs. Instead there are these colorful stool shaped objects. These new form of sitting equipment are known as Core Wobble Stools.

Core Wobble Stools are American made. Though it is uncertain who exactly made them or when they originated at, they have made a big boom in the 21st century. To date, there are 4 different kinds of stools. From kids to teens to adults, the core wobble chair is a chair for literally all ages.

So, the big question, why does Chin have new wobble chairs, while the rest of the school have the regular old chairs?

“I talked to the Ben Davis department chairs about bringing in new chairs to help with thinking habits,” Chin said “The department knew that there was a problem with the chairs we have now, and when I explained to them about these stools, they were willing to go with the idea of testing them out.”

The core wobble chair help in many different ways than just tightening your core.

“”When you’re sitting in a regular chair, your back is slouched. These chairs straighten your back and exercise you while you’re sitting. With better posture leads to better breathing. With better breathing comes better thinking. And better thinking brings a positive attitude and less stress.”

Though senior Gianni Perez said, “They hurt my butt”, there are other students who think otherwise.

“I love them,” senior Cody Harrell said. “They are really great, good for the posture, and just outright fun. Though they are a mixture of both helpful and distracting, it’s nice to see more optional seating in school.”

So the next time you sit in a chair, think about how a new chair movement is on the rise and how sitting is now becoming a way of exercise.