Is boredom killing you?

DIYs for those dull moments

Do you ever have moments in which you can’t find anything amusing to do?

Everyone has a back up plan for these uneasy times but if you don’t, these DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) will be very useful and helpful in defeating the boredom facing you.


Mason Jar Cubbies

  1. This one is fairly easy but really pretty and useful. All you need is about six mason jars.
  2. You can paint them, decorate them with glitter or wrapping paper, or you can just leave them as they are.
  3. Once done with step number two, use a hot glue gun to glue three mason jars together and then glue two more on top of those and glue the last one on the very top so that it forms a sort of pyramid shape.
  4. Now you’re done, all you have to do is put whatever you desire in the jars and cap them if you like.


Protective Lotion Bottle

  1. Planning to go to the beach this summer but afraid you’ll lose some items? Well fear no more. All you have to do is clean the inside of a sunscreen/lotion bottle.
  2. Once it’s thoroughly cleaned all the way through, cut a slit near the top of the bottle and make it big enough to stuff your items in.
  3. Put the lid back on and now you have a secret stash compartment.


Pebble Bath Mat

  1. This one is cheap and useful as well. All you have to do is buy a one dollar ‘Welcome’ mat and some shiny river rocks. If you would rather collect your own rocks and wash them, that is just as fine.
  2.  Lay out your mat and then spread adhesive glue all over it.
  3. Start from the middle and work your way out placing rocks. Now you’re done. You’re welcome.