Librarian appreciation day

Making the library fun for everyone


Librarian Appreciation Day is on April 14 and is a day to show how grateful we are of all the things that our wonderful librarian, Kathy Hicks-Brooks, does for us day after day.

Hicks-Brooks has been our librarian for eight years and stumbled across this job while her sons were attending Ben Davis. During a parent teacher conference night, the school was having a Scholastic book fair and she decided to become friends with the librarian at the time.  When her friend decided to leave Ben Davis, she applied for the job and soon found herself in the hallways of our school.

“I’m constantly checking emails,” Hicks-Brooks said.

Hicks-Brooks day is always filled with things to do. She has to get the library ready for students by making sure the log in sheets are out and the library system on the computer is up and running. She is also constantly checking her emails because they will be from teachers who are in need of something or other Wayne schools. She will also get professionals that will contact her for conferences. Most of her time she is usually tied down to her computer but she enjoys it.

“The more fun I make the library, the more kids will want to come,” Hicks-Brooks said.

Hicks-Brooks is well aware that not everyone loves to read, so she has brought a lot more into the library this year for students. She feels the most happy when she knows that a student who hates to read finally falls in love with a book and asks for another one. But this year, she received a 3D printer that kids can use to make things like phone cases. She also brought a new program into the library called Maker Spaces where students can use Legos to making things that will be displayed in the library. She also has 3D puzzles for students now.

“A reason I love my job so much is because every day is different,” Hicks-Brooks said.

Unexpected things can happen every day. Hicks-Brooks could have a set of plans or things she has to get done and she will accomplish nothing.

Teachers are constantly asking if they can come in or if she can pull a collection of books for their students. She can receive a surprise email for free tickets to conferences. She enjoys her job because it has everything that she loves. Although she has been a librarian for 14 years, she doesn’t get tired of what she does and enjoys it more with each day.