Teamwork is the key

Robotics club successfully build robot for first competition

Over the past six weeks the robotics club has spent all their time planning, designing , building and bringing life to their biggest robot yet. With their first competition right around the corner, many of the members cannot contain their excitement.

“Just seeing creative minds come together to build something is extremely cool,” senior Giselle Flores said.

Their robots are designed to do specific tasks and have to follow certain guidelines. Their robot this year is designed to pick up recycling bins and large trash cans. They will also have the task of putting pool noodles successfully in these bins.

Building a robot is a difficult thing to do but teamwork is the key to getting the job done. Flores explains that one of their biggest accomplishments has been their strong teamwork. No one does more work than the other.

Working together has led them to successfully creating this huge machine. Senior Josh Howard worked a lot on the design for the robot and is excited to be returning to the competitions.

“You get to see a lot of crazy robots built by a lot of different schools,” Howard said.

Howard’s favorite thing about these competitions is getting to go to a new place and interacting with all the other schools across Indiana who share the same passion as them. Last year, a school built a robot that could climb and retrieve things, so he cannot wait to see what he will see this year.

The robotics club has also acquired a new member from the freshmen center. It has been two weeks since freshman Rosalynn Kowal has join the team and she loves it.

“I have more experience with woodwork but robotics is definitely something I will continue to do when I come to the high school,” Kowal said.

This will be Kowal’s first competition and she cannot wait to experience it. She has done a lot more clubs this year and through middle school and wants to keep exploring robotics to see where it will take her.

The team will be taking their robot to two regional competitions. The first will be in Kokomo, Indiana this weekend and the second one will be at Purdue University in from March 19-21. All the students are excited and ready to compete.