Valentine’s Day on a budget

As we all know, Valentines day is coming. If you are one of the lucky ones then you already have that special person to spend the day with. Then there is an even more difficult question to ask yourself, what am i going to do? Or wait, how much is it going to cost me? Okay, I have a few cheap ideas for you.


If it is possible, stay at home and make your loved one their favorite food and rent a movie. You can rent a movie at RedBox for just $1, and lets just say that your loved ones favorite food is spaghetti. In Avon a 16 ounce box of thin spaghetti costs $1. So far your perfect evening is at $2 plus tax. And the Prego Traditional Italian Sauce for $4.97 plus tax. Hopefully you have candles available at your house that you can light for the meal. If you don’t then a candle can cost you about $6.98 for red flickering LED light. So the total price for this date is $13.95.


Another idea could be take your loved one on a nice romantic walk at the canal downtown. Parking might cost you $10. You can just talk and enjoy the evening. After you guys have had a nice walk you can stop by the art museum for free and discuss the artwork. And then you can finish off your evening at Steak N’ Shake. You can order off of the four meals under $4. and then share one of their amazing milkshakes for around $3.  This date will cost around $21 plus tax and tip.


If your loved one is interested in chocolate or flowers then you can buy a single rose at Marsh for $1.99 and get a heart shaped box of chocolate for around $5. This is a perfect combination to either start the night or to end it.


Just remember to make your loved one feel special on this amazing day. The money doesn’t matter as much or even the things you do. Just make the night memorable for the rest of your lives. It doesn’t matter if this is your first Valentine’s Day with your loved one or your third just remember to make special every time.