Single on Valentine’s Day

Is this love based holiday just for couples?

Valentine’s Day is the day that is socially viewed as a romantic holiday for couples, but is it really?

The answer could be no. Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day for the celebration of love in general. This could be ranging from love your family members, friends, or even pets . Showing your appreciation is what matters. Still, even if Valentine’s Day is not just for couples many people who may not be in a relationship feel sad and overwhelmed with all the couples around them and may subconsciously just want to be in a relationship to have a special someone on that day. If you feel like this, it is understandable you wanting to spend the entire day at home and that is okay. You should not feel the need to have somebody just because of a holiday. Your single friends, family, Netflix, or food can be you special somebody. All that matters is that you are around the thing that you love. Following the saying that “love is blind” , because to be honest , it truly is.