Defining quality education

Singleton named 2015 BD Teacher of the Year


Can you define what it means to be an educator?  The Webster’s dictionary definition reads: “a person (such as a teacher or a school administrator) who has a job in the field of education.”

Social studies teacher Shannon Singleton believes that being an educator is much more than that. She gave her own definition on just what it means to be a great educator.

“A great educator sets high expectations for all students while also being
able to support them as they work towards meeting those expectations,” she said. “It is also important to be able to make learning relevant and fun. I also find it important to continue my own professional learning so that I can keep improving my instruction and my content knowledge.”

Singleton shared her thoughts on her recently being named “Teacher of the Year.”

“I am truly honored to get to represent our amazing faculty at Ben Davis,” she said.  “I love teaching here. Ben Davis High School is a great place to learn, full of exceptional teachers and students. I am thrilled to get to represent all of the great things we are doing here together.”

Singleton enjoys teaching her social studies classes at BDH.

“The most fun part of teaching social studies for me is helping students
develop their opinions about how our country should be run,” she said. “This often
involves discussing controversial topics and debating different perspectives. I enjoy hearing what students have to say and helping them develop support for their arguments.”

Going into her eleventh year of teaching, Singleton gives much credit to her mother for inspiring her to pursue education.

“I have always loved learning and going to school,” Singleton said. “My mother is a teacher, and I grew up observing her passion for teaching and her constant efforts to improve the field of education. She inspired me to go into education so that I could help others to enjoy learning as I do.”

Singleton’s educational background is nothing short of impressive. She attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where she took part in various activities, even interning in Washington D.C.

“I was involved in Model United Nations and Student Government,” she said. “I also worked as a docent at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, and I spent part of my junior year as an intern at The White House.”

Though she was named “Teacher of the Year,” Singleton’s work is not finished, yet, She  discussed her current goals that she would like to accomplish in the classroom this year.

“In the classroom, I hope to inspire my students to see the value of
their voice in our political system,” she said.  “I hope that they will see how
important it is to vote and getting involved in our democracy.”