45 Degrees from Ordinary

A look at a popular Indianapolis cultural district

45 Degrees from Ordinary

The city of Indianapolis has many entertainment options. One of the busiest areas for entertainment in the city is Massachusetts Avenue.

Massachusetts Ave, more commonly known as Mass Ave, is located in the heart of downtown. Throughout the five block area is a diverse selection of art galleries, theatres, restaurants and retail shops.

Massachusetts Avenue was built in 1821, northeast of Monument Circle. The diagonal streets that form Mass Ave, earned the area its slogan “45 Degrees from Ordinary.”

Since its creation it has continued to rise in popularity. Due to its cultural significance, in 1881 Mass Ave was added onto the National Register of Historic places. Throughout its years of existence, it has remained one of the city’s most thriving districts.

Shopping is one of the most popular activities to do while on Massachusetts Ave. Most of the retail shops offer something unique that people of all ages will enjoy.

Indiana’s first cupcake bakery, called The Flying Cupcake, is located on Massachusetts Avenue. There are also other places to buy desserts on Mass Ave.  The Best Chocolate in Town, is a specialty candy store that is another place to buy desserts nearby. Humans aren’t the only ones who can get treats on Mass Ave. Three Dog Bakery is located right down the street for pets visiting Mass Ave.

Massachusetts Avenue also offers things for younger visitors as well. Located on Mass Ave is one of Indianapolis best toy stores, called Mass Ave Toys.

There are many boutiques on Mass Ave that offer an eclectic range of items. On Massachusetts Ave there are several clothing boutiques for adults and children.  Shopping on Mass Ave also includes older stores such as Stout’s footwear, which is the oldest continuously running shoe store in the United States. The other shops on Mass Ave range from bookstores to pet grocery stores.

Restaurants also occupy a lot of Mass Ave. Yogurtlatte and Sub Zero Ice Cream are two well-known ice cream places located in the area. There are also many other restaurants on Mass Ave nearby that serve all types of food.

Ever since being created in 1821, Mass Ave has continued to develop into a widely popular destination in Indianapolis.  Along Mass Ave there are also several Indianapolis historical landmarks, restaurants and theatres. For anyone in the city looking for an area with vibrant entertainment and unique shopping, Mass Ave may be a place you will want to visit.