Today, we celebrate the underdog

Have you ever met someone with big dreams to do something that could change lives?  no one believes that they can accomplish this dream. then one day years from then you see them on tv and they did accomplish that dream. well there is day day for that and its called National Underdog Day.

National Underdog Day started in 1976 to recognize the people who no one believe that you do big things but came through to prove all of those people wrong. This day is celebrated on December 19 and it is considered a weird holiday in America. Some people might celebrate it with a party or giving that “underdog” a gift for their accomplishments.

The word underdog originally came from people working in factories. In the factories there would be a plank of wood above the workers that the supervisor would stand on. The workers would be covered in dirtiness and would never get recognized for all their good work because the supervisor would and they didn’t do anything but watch all these people work really hard.

There are many so-called Underdogs in the world that have changed society.

The founder of Facebook Mike Zuckerberg was always fascinated in technology and when he was a sophomore at Harvard University he invented Facebook out of his dorm room.  He had many obstacles with people trying to buy Facebook from him because they believed he was to young to handle such a big social network. Now he is the youngest billionaire alive says and there are more than 250  million users on Facebook.

Another famous underdog is the author of the book series Harry Potter. J.K Rowling is from Edinburgh, Scotland. She was a single mother when she started making Harry Potter books in 1999.

It was hard for her to write these children fantasy novels and handle taking care of her children. She still seemed to publish four books and become the top three best book sellers in the New York times best-sellers list.

After she graduated from Exeter University, Rowling moved to Portugal to teach English. She married her now divorced husband and had a daughter. even having to deal with a divorce and struggling to take care of her family on welfare she still was able to sell her books. By 2000 her fist three books had raised 480 million dollars in three years.

J.K Rowling in about 2007 was named the 13th welthest person in Britian. There are many more underdog stories around the world. You might even be an underdog but if you have a dream chase it because its yours not anyone else’s.

And if you know an underdog encourage them never bring them down.