Brain Game plays off of Jeopardy

Do you enjoy watching game shows similar to Jeopardy? Were you in Academic Pursuit in middle school? Do you like testing your knowledge and being competitive?

Ben Davis offers an academic team called the Brain Game that can fulfill your desires.

Brain Game is an academic team that plays against local high schools throughout the year. Ben Davis is involved in the White River Academic League, which includes other high schools such as Lawrence North, Carmel, Warren, Broad Ripple, Hamilton Southeastern and Fishers. The Brain Game is filmed at the WTHR studios.

The game’s format and questions are similar to Jeopardy. The questions all relate to areas such as math, science, literature, technology, art and music. The show features two teams each composed of four players. The game’s current host, WTHR morning meteorologist Chuck Lofton, asks a question, and the teams buzz in to answer the question. If answered correctly, the team earns a point, but if not, the other team has a chance to answer.

The Brain Game has four rounds- warm-up, bonus, minute round and stump the experts.

In the warm-up round, both teams are allowed to answer the question, depending on which team is the fastest to buzz in. In the bonus round, the first team to answer each toss up question correctly receives a bonus category where they can get a chance to earn extra points.

In the minute round, each team receives a pack of ten questions to answer in one minute all relating to one subject.

The stump the experts round is similar to the warm-up round, but these questions are more challenging and worth more points.

“The game is very fast paced and competitive,” one of Ben Davis’ Brain Game sponsors Susan Kaspar said, “”It requires team members to correctly answer difficult academic questions in a timed setting. For example, students might have to balance a chemistry equation or solve a calculus problem in very little time.”

On December 13, the Ben Davis Brain Game team’s show aired on WTHR. Kasper was helped by sponsors Joseph Belser and David Proctor.

“The game went well,” Kaspar said, “We played Brownsburg High School and were ahead until the last round of the game. We didn’t end up winning, but the score was very close, and I am proud of the team.”

This year’s team consists of returning members Caitlin Heffner, Shi Tuck, Matt Brown, Devin Dixon, Taylor Stewart and new member J’adore Hatcher.

The team typically practices once a week after school using packs of questions from previous matches or practice questions that are released by the company that writes the questions used in competitions.

“In practice, we split the team up into two practice teams, and they play each other,” Kaspar said.

Kaspar believes the team feels well prepared before competitions, but the fast paced format of competition can be stressful.

“Before competition, I’m usually pretty nervous to see how we are going to do,” Kaspar said, “Most of all, I try to keep the team somewhat relaxed so that they can do well under pressure. We are a close knit team who takes competition seriously, while also enjoying the fun of the game.”

If you missed our BD Brain Game team’s show this past weekend, check the listings on WTHR for reruns to see the team in action and support your fellow Giants.