Giants take on Spain

Spanish students travel over fall break to study Hispanic heritage


Last month several Ben Davis students had an out of the country field trip that included six current Spanish students and Spanish teacher Matt Tuxhorn.

Though the trip was over fall break, it was an educational trip and each student left with a lot of new information and experiences.

Tuxhorn said the trip was filled with memorable moments.

“The flight to Spain took 12e hours, including a two hour layover and the trip lasted a total of 14 days,” he said. “Students took classes and learned about solar panel technology and how to make solar panels since Spain leads the world in solar panel technology. Students also dissected a liver, studied chemistry, life skills and Spanish.”

When asked about what historical areas that the travelers visited Tuxhorn replied with a list of each site that they got to visit and some of the significances.

“Students visited the Olympic village, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Gothic quarters and toured the area that had been bombed during the Spanish Civil War, Pablo Picasso museum, the beach, El Greco´s home that the Roman aqueducts built in 86 AD, Debod, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Sol, and the magic fountains,” he said. “We met some members of the Real Madrid team and attended a private practice, we ate at several Spanish restaurants and cafes, went to the famous art museum called the Prado, Las Ramblas, La Plaza Real, we saw a flamenco show, and much more.”

Later we learned that the students visited Toledo, Segovia, Barcelona, and Madrid where they stayed with host families and learned lots of Spanish.

We looked for a closer outlook on the trip when interviewing two of the students that traveled to Spain over break and they were very excited to speak on behalf of everyone that was on the trip.

“The trip was very educational,” senior Nakiyah Kilpatrick said. “We went to a lot of art museums and got the chance to go to school with the students and got to sit in class with them and see how they learn. It was a lot of walking but I had alot of fun. My Spanish improved a lot and I definitely give the trip overall a ten out of ten.”

Junior Sarah Gaither thought it was the trip of a lifetime.

“The Spain trip was the best two weeks of my life,” Gaither said. “The people are great, so relaxed and family orientated. The memories and friendships I made are something I will never forget. It was a new, exciting experience that I would do all over again.”

When asked what type of effect this trip had on her Gaither said: “It taught me independence and to never take for granted all my mom has done for me. If the school goes again I would recommend anyone to go.”

Gaither’s favorite part of the trip was seeing the streets of Madrid, the Mediterranean Sea and meeting the Real Madrid soccer team.

Ben Davis was honored to have such a great turn out. This trip was an amazing way for students to experience the lifestyle of another culture. Each and every student left with much more knowledge of hispanic heritage but with that they also had a great time. When asked if they would go back again they all agreed that they would.

It is clear that this trip was an absolute success.