Need something to do during break?

Fall break is right around the corner and many students will be getting away from Indiana to have some fun. Of course, there are some of us who are going to be at home with nothing to do. If you need something to do during your break here is a list of fun places and things you could do.

  1. Haunted Houses

Many haunted house will be opening this month. It’s the perfect time to go and scream your head off with a group of friends for a couple hours. Haunted houses could either be a terrifying experience or a funny one but you are sure to have fun.


  1. Children’s Museum

You are never too old to visit the Children’s Museum and since Halloween is right around the corner there will be new exhibits dedicated to the spooky holiday that you will be sure to enjoy. This year’s theme for their haunted house is creepy carnival.


  1. Haunted Indianapolis Downtown Ghost Walk

On this tour you will walk around downtown and visit haunted theatres, businesses and other areas. It lasts about two hours and if gives you a chance to see the scary places in our city. Call and make reservations   317-840-6456


  1. Bonfires & S’mores

Invite some friends and make some s’mores. Put on some good music and enjoy a chilly night with your friends. Since the weather is getting cold, a bonfire will be a great thing to do at night.


  1. Go to the movies

Many new scary movies are coming out in theaters so you can always go catch one. But of course if you don’t like scary, there are many more options. Or you can have a marathon of your favorite scary movies at home with some friends and a lot of snacks.