A look at success with technology

Ten of the best inventions from the last 20 years

Science has been expanding at an enormous rate which has led to these technologies being created or modified to make life more fun or easier for some people.

Android and Iphones: The first phone call was in 1892 by Alexander Graham Bell. Since then we have come a long way with communication technology. Now we have smart phones.

Smart phones were technically started in 1992 with IBM Simon, but now there’s Android and iphone devices. These are capable of more memory and they hook up to your computers.

Portable laptop: Portable laptop advancements have made several things easier such as accessing the internet and being able to carry it.

Oculus Rift: Virtual reality is a thing of science fiction, isn’t it? Not anymore.

Palmer Luckey in California started developing the Oculus Rift, which allows you to immerse yourself in a game after he couldn’t find anything that deals with virtual reality.

Makerbot: The Makerbot is an invention that goes with 3D printing, which allows you to replicate objects. You scan the object on a platform, which allows you to print out the pieces to put together.

Bionic Limbs: Imagine having your arm amputated because of an accident. Wouldn’t you think this is one of the best things to be created? The advancements in prosthetic limbs enable them to act more like an actual hand.

Better Cars: Car advancements are one of the greatest achievements within the past decade, because they have computers within them and you can carry more gas.

Scribble Pen: Do you dream of being a famous Artist? With this pen you can.

It is called the Scribble pen. The Scribble pen is able to scan colors from the world, and reproduce them without difficulty. The manufacturers say it should hold 100,000 colors in its internal memory.  Although it isn’t out yet, it should be coming soon.

Artificial Heart and Liver: The Heart and Liver are two of the important organs within our body. The Heart pumps blood through the body, and the Liver is central for digestion. With AbioCor, the artificial Heart created in 2001, patients with no other option available do actually have an option.

Rewalk the Robotic Exoskeleton: The inventor of the Rewalk, Dr. Amit Goffer became a quadriplegic in 1998, which lead him to this creation. It has been released in the UK in 2012. It lets you stand up, walk, and climb stairs. That may not be very helpful to you, but it makes a difference in some people’s lives.

Artificial Memories: Project Inception according to Techland.com is to plant false memories in mice. We could use this for traumatized people, depression, or even amnesia.