Let’s dance!

Molsberry wants to pass on her hobby to others

Meaghan Molsberry is the dean’s administrative secretary by day and operates a dance studio at night. Here she is working with a group of young dancers.

Are you interested in dancing? Or maybe you just want to lose some extra calories.

Either way, a new place to go is the “Premiere Academy of Performing Arts.” This studio is run by Meaghan Molsberry, secretary of the Dean’s office.

Molsberry started dance when she was just two years old and she has been teaching since she was 15.

Molsberry has always wanted to open a dance studio.

“I’m all about making my own decisions. I wanted to make an effect on kids and help them to become better people. I felt like this was the most positive way and such a good change,” Molsberry said.

That’s what inspired her. She enforces big academics in her studio.

“When they aren’t dancing, I expect them to be doing some type of homework or studying,” Molsberry said. “Even the greatest ballerinas in the world need an education.”

The best age to start dancing is at three years old. Molsberry has students from 18 months to 18 years (or older).

From hip hop to ballet, Molsberry teaches everything but ballroom dancing. Come and visit “Premiere Academy of Performing Arts.” Dancing for a month, only charges around $47.  This studio is located in Avon off of U.S 36.