Football, volleyball, band oh my.

Featuring clubs that have over summer lessons

For us, summer is a time of relaxation and rest. However, there are some kids whose summer includes hard work and dedication.

There are several clubs that use the summer as an extra foot hold. Most of them use this time for practice, while others use this time for starting a new routine.

The band department uses this time extensively. With upcoming competitions and concerts, the band uses this time to prepare and rehearse its multiple compositions. Band manager David Cole finds this time very useful towards the bands practice.

“We usually go through the whole month of July,” Cole said. “A majority of the time is used teaching the musicians the new songs and movements for competition. Part of our practice is inside, but for the marching routine, we take it outside. Each summer practice is similar. We go through the music and physical training, but the only thing that changes is the music.”

The band has several pieces to do just to prep and it is far from easy. However some students find it important. Junior band member Melissa Avila is one of those.

“The practices make me feel like I’m doing something important,” Avila said. “We learn rehearsal etiquette and focus during the summer. One of the many things that changes are the people I get to work with. It is also lots of fun too.”

Along with the musical side, the choir also has over summer activities. Choir director Hersel Cremeans uses this time to take on two different workshops.

“In June we have a kids’ show choir camp for smaller kids,” Cremeans said. “This is for the smaller kids to get a taste of what show choir is and how they can get involved in it. In July we have a week for our show choir. This time is spent preparing for our fall show which consists of three to four songs. The importance of doing these workshops is to have the kids get the chance to get together and get ahead of the game. It also gives them a chance to grow and learn like a family. The biggest thing that chances is the mindset of it all and focusing on the kids strengths too.”

Going on to sports, it is not surprising that they would use all the time needed to prepare. Prior volleyball coach Daniel Kimbley used the summer to expand on the players skills.

“We used to go 9-12 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,” Kimbley said. “With the extensive time, we would focus on our differences as a team and try to bring them together. We would also work on our skill levels. What made each practice different was the way I coached. The more coaching I did, the more concise I would be on what we needed to work on.”

Using this time would take away from summer learning, but sophomore Hannah Wood finds that you also learn by practicing.

“With the summertime, I feel like we are able to better our skills more efficiently than waiting until the next starting school semester,” Wood said. “I also feel like it gives us the opportunity to fix what needs to be fixed. We basically learn the basics and the fundamentals. The biggest thing that changes that we always find something new and something new to teach to others.”

With all this sports talk, it hard not to mention the most time consuming sport of them all, football. Football coach Mike Kirschner uses this extra time to its full extent.

“We use every day of the summer, even Sundays,” Kirschner said. “I don’t even take vacations. The importance of doing this is to help the player physically and their grades. We also prepare for the upcoming season. To do this we try a 7 on 7 competitions that puts us in a variety of places to compete.”

Most people would find this time consuming sports tiresome, but sophomore Dorian Tate can’t wait until the summer practices to begin.

“I get really excited and humbled to get down to work when the practices stat,” Tate said. “The practices drive us to a hard mindset. We always have a different objective to meet every day that would make us a better person and player. The most important thing you learn is how to be a team player, how to get better physically, and how to put the team first. The main thing that changes is the intensity and the routine.”

So while you are sipping on your lemonade and relaxing in the sun, just remember how hard your fellow Giants work to make sure that this year is the year we win or die trying.