Day at the Statehouse

Staffer spends time shadowing Macer

Governor Mike Pence (center) signs a bill into law Tuesday afternoon.

Editor’s note: Junior Autumn Miller had the opportunity to spend a day with Indiana State representative Karlee Macer. Miller met Macer through her job at the Harrison House and spent Tuesday shadowing her. She writes about her experience.

The statehouse is a building downtown, which is also known as our state capitol.

In this building, the state legislature meets to vote on bills that become new laws in Indiana. I got the opportunity to spend the day there in the company of state representative Karlee Macer.

Macer represents the citizens of district 92, which includes all of Wayne, Speedway and Clermont. My day of shadowing her began with a tour around the statehouse and meeting some of the faces behind the groundwork of Indiana’s legislative branch.

Throughout my tour, I met people such as Glenda Ritz, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction; Trish Whitcomb Sipes, President of IFDW; and Mike Delph, district 25 representative. During my time there, I was lucky enough to witness four bills be signed by governor Mike Pence.

During the ceremony for each bill signing, he states the names of those whom made this bill possible and/or the names of those whom it was created. The names of those who he recognizes stand behind him and gather around to watch their hard work pay off into the ink of the pen which he writes his name with.

Many pictures are taken during this time, and to those who put much effort into the bill, this is a celebration of the achievement they have now made. After leaving the statehouse, Macer chauffeured us to the Boys and Girls Club. We made an Earth Day appearance and spoke with young children.

This day spent with Macer helped me more thoroughly understand depths of politics. Your state reps really know the roots, core and all other things connected to the community, and they do everything possible to better their district and all of Indiana.