In paradise, we play

The band’s upcoming trip to Hawaii and Hawaii concert

The Ben Davis band has been working hard all year. With concerts and competition, band is an ongoing activity that rarely stops. However, that does not mean that there will be no R & R time.

On March 26 through April 2, the Ben Davis department will be going to Hawaii. This trip involves a plane ride to Honolulu and Maui where the band will indulge themselves in freedom, fun and sunshine. Band director David Cole said that his time will be spent with his wife as well as his band students.

“The best part about Maui is the extensive time we are going to have at the beach,” Cole said. “Me and my wife are going to spend the whole day watching the sun rise on the beach. The beach there is the most peaceful beach in the world.”

Some of the activities they will participate in is a traditional Luau, a bay cruise, and breaks where the musicians can go and explore the island.

Junior Tiffany Lang says that for her free time, she’s going to spend it in the water.

“When I’m there, I’m going to go snorkeling to see the turtles and the tropical fish,” Lang said.” I also want to see the whales and the flowers.”

This trip did not come with free tickets. The band worked hard to get the money needed to go on this R & R trip. They used fundraisers, such as selling cheese and sausage, and strawberries, and work pay to pay for the whole trip which costs around $2,700 per person. Sophomore Pedro Martinez had to spend extra time at his job to get the money.

“I did a cheese and sausage fundraiser and raised about $152,” Martinez said.” I mostly used the money from my job at Cosa Braua to pay off the rest. This trip should be fun because I want to go to the beach and it’s my first time flying too.”

Even though they are taking a break, that does not mean that they are leaving their instruments at home. At the Pearl Harbor museum, on the USS Missouri, they will be giving a concert displaying the depression and loyalty that came with Pearl Harbor.

With everything going on and the free time scheduled into the day, this is a chance to connect with some of the islands’ most active activities such as sky gliding zip lining, and relaxing on the beach. Senior Logan Roberts said his time is going to be spent trying to do everything there is to do.

“I used fundraisers to raise the money and also got money from my family,” Roberts said. “On this trip, I will try to do all the things I can do.”

This trip is one of the biggest trips that the Ben Davis band program on. With each trip, returning veterans get to see the magnificent beach one more time, while new rookies get to see a sight that will be memory and will pursue them to raise enough money for the returning years.